Jascots’ E-commerce Transformed Into New, Exclusive Private Members' Club - 'Jascots at Home'

Jascots are an exclusive wine supplier to some of the UK’s best restaurants and hotels. But when lockdown forced their hospitality clients to close overnight, Jascots pivoted immediately to turn their on-trade website into an e-commerce store for private clients.

Never before had Jascots’ wines, which appear on the lists of some of the best restaurants and venues in the country, been made available to the public at trade prices. 

It was an innovative solution to the devastating impact of the pandemic and ensuing lockdown.

'Jascots at Home'

Jascots at Home

As the hospitality industry is once again able to open to the public and restaurants are welcoming back customers, Jascots are once again adapting their wine service to ensure they are still providing their wines to private clients, but that they are not competing with hospitality clients for sales.

This is why 'Jascots at Home' has launched and the website is now members-only following May 17th, 2021.

As a Member of 'Jascots at Home', you can enjoy exclusive access to all of their restaurant-quality wines, still at trade prices in any quantity you prefer – delivered directly to your door. Membership costs just £20 and all fees will be donated to Hospitality Action to support the vital work they do for Hospitality Professionals in need of help.

If you are a hospitality professional you can apply for a free membership.

“Enormous Debt of Gratitude To Private Customers”

Jascots managing partner Miles MacInnes said that Jascots owed an “enormous debt of gratitude to the private customers who have placed orders with us during lockdown”, which allowed it to stay open throughout a difficult year.

“We would never turn our back on them now and so have invited them to continue enjoying our wines as founder members of ‘Jascots at Home’,” he said.

Mark Lewis, chief executive of Hospitality Action welcomed the partnership with Jascots, saying the hospitality industry and those that work in it have “been through hell” over the past year.

“Our work has never been more important than it is now, supporting hospitality professionals through physical illness or mental health issues, financial difficulty, family problems and addiction. We are delighted to be partnering with Jascots who as a wine supplier to the Hospitality Industry have faced many of the same challenges through the Covid pandemic. With their help and that of our many other supporters we aim to get hospitality professionals back on their feet again and help the industry to bounce back stronger than ever.”

What's the verdict?

As a new, exclusive private wine club, members of 'Jascots at Home' will be able to enjoy restaurant-quality wines delivered to their door at trade prices. 

The membership fee ensures exclusive access to Jascots’ full range of wines and is being donated to support the most vulnerable people in the industry.

Incredible wines at trade prices and the opportunity to support hospitality staff impacted the most over the last year. Sounds good to us!

Discover 'Jascots At Home' today.


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