Stone, Vine & Sun's 'Doorstep Dozen' Wine Club

Stone, Vine & Sun are committed to sourcing superb wines that truly reflect the land they are grown on. They strive to buy from independent, family-owned producers, whose husbandry of their land increasingly encourages the adoption of sustainable, organic or bio-dynamic methods of cultivation.

Stone, Vine & Sun's 'Doorstep Dozen'

Join the Stone, Vine & Sun’s ‘Doorstep Dozen’ wine club and discover superb new wine, hand-picked by their team of experts. It’s the easiest way for you to enjoy their wines.

There are four levels (Stone, Vine, Sun and Celestial) to choose from. All cases include 2 bottles of three whites and three reds of still, dry wine. These will include some of their most exciting discoveries from the old and new world. 

Order every month (all cases) or every other month or quarterly (for Sun & Celestial cases only).

The selected wines will be for current drinking and each case will arrive with tasting notes on the wines included, and the price includes delivery and 10% off normal prices. Additionally, members will receive free entry to tastings and generous discounts on other wines.

The Doorstep Dozen Wine Club has been featured in The Independent, Decanter, The Buyer and on Jancis Robinson’s website, so can rest easy & know you’re in safe hands. 

The Independent even ranked the 'Doorstep Dozen' as one of the UK’s top 3 Best Wine Clubs!

"Buying wine should be easy. Make it easy for people to buy wine."

Simon Reilly, guest writer of Jancis Robinson, discusses the ‘Doorstep Dozen’:

"Buying wine should be easy. Make it easy for people to buy wine. Display a small number of recommended wines upfront. Package the wine in a way that is easy for people to understand and buy into on a regular basis. A good example of this is Stone, Vine & Sun's Doorstep Dozen, a specially-selected case you can subscribe to with whichever frequency you like."

Stone, Vine & Sun’s Wine Club Member Benefits:

  • Every case contains exciting discoveries.
  • Four great cases to choose from.
  • Maximum flexibility with monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly cases available.
  • Tasting notes with every case.
  • Inclusive delivery & 10% off!
  • Free entry to tastings & additional discounts on other wines.
  • Perfect for yourself or as a gift for wine-lovers.

What's the verdict?

Delicious new wine discoveries delivered to your door at a rate you decide. Easy to use, incredible wines, savings, flexibility, personal touches such as tasting notes per case. This is a wine club subscription we thoroughly recommend.

Sign up for the Stone, Vine & Sun, 'Doorstep Dozen' here.


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